Canada's ONLY Commercial Manufacturer of Automotive Rotisseries Since 2010

Spin a body or a frame 360 degrees with ease!

SAFE and EASY to use!

Save yourself $$$ by doing the work yourself!

"A rotisserie is without a doubt, one of the best investments you can make." 

Stacey David, Host of GearZ on Speed TV

“A good rotisserie elevates the stature of man literally above the legless beasts that crawl about on the ground. I find with or without safety glasses I’ve always got rust in my eyes, it’s always dark, things are just out of reach when I crawl under a vehicle……..a rotisserie is second only to the opposable thumb in mankind’s dominance within the animal kingdom.” 

~Bill Beauregard

  • Adjusts to fit virtually any car body or car frame length and width.
  • A must have for any vehicle restoration, floorpan replacement, body repair, sandblasting, painting, detailing, etc…
  • Can be operated by ONE person.
  • For that classic car restoration you've been waiting to complete!

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Phone: 780-977-7846


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